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Waddiwasi - Wormwood

Waddiwasi -- Wand: see Magic Wand -- Werewolf -- Whomping Willow --
Willow -- Wingardium Leviosa -- Winged Horse -- Witch --
Wizard -- Wizengamot -- Wolfsbane -- Wormwood

Waddiwasi (Spell) - a spell for removing gum from keyholes (and other objects, I presume?).

Wand - see Magic Wand

Werewolf - the werewolf, like the vampire exists in folklore from around the world. The most commonly held beliefs about this creature have him (weres are usually male, though there are a few female and children werewolves) changing into a vicious wolf under the influence of a full moon. Once he has transformed, he cannot control himself and will kill or maim others, usually not remembering or remembering only hazily the next morning what violence he's inflicted.

The most popularized cause for becoming a werewolf is being the victim of an attack, much like Remus Lupin was as a child.

The werewolf is an ancient creature. The mythology of Greece exposes a tyrant named Lycaon as a bloodthirsty human: he served Zeus the flesh of a human child. When Zeus discovered this, he turned Lycaon into a wolf. The word "lycanthrope" comes from Lycaon.

Whomping Willow (Plant) - a violent variety of willow, since this tree will attack anyone who gets too close to it.

Willow (Plant) - one of the "wand trees".

Wingardium Leviosa (Spell) - to make an object levitate.

Winged Horse - the beautiful winged horse exists worldwide. There are many breeds, including:

Witch - see Magician - a female sorcerer or magician, she has existed in virtually every civilization throughout the world throughout time. She is defined as someone who has supernatural abilities. "Witch" is also used to define a man with such powers, though he is also called "warlock".

Wizard - see Magician see Sorcerer - meaning wise, "wizard" denotes someone who practices magic or sorcery.

Wizengamot - the Wizard High Court of Law, made up of about fifty members.

Wolfsbane (Plant) - a poisonous plant and an important ingredient in wolfsbane potion, also known as aconite and monkshood. The shape of the flowers inspired the name of monkshood.

Wormwood (Plant) - an important ingredient in the Draught of Living Death.

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