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Ukrainian Ironbelly - Up

Ukrainian Ironbelly -- Unforgivable Curses -- Unicorn -- Up

Ukrainian Ironbelly (Dragons) - the largest of the dragons, often weighing six tons, this beast from the Ukraine is quite rotund. It has metallic gray scales, red eyes and very long, vicious talons.

Unforgivable Curses

There are three curses which are deemed unforgivable and regarded as belonging to the realm of the Dark Arts.


white unicorn unicorn Though muggles have sought the unicorn, they have never caught one, and therefore, debate its existence while enchanted by this beautiful white horse with a horn growing out of its elegant forehead. From amongst them, the Greek physician, Ctesias, stated that the unicorn was from India, roughly horse-sized, and not at all like the animal we know: it had a dark red head on a white body, and dark blue eyes. Its horn, about eighteen inches in length, was white at the base, black in the middle, and a fiery red at the top.

By medieval times, however, the muggles got it right: they believed the unicorn to be the graceful creature we know, for its resplendence and the magical qualities of both its horn and its silvery blood. Unicorn foals start out life as gold creatures, with their coats turning silver at about two years of age. Their horns grow around four, and they are the purest white by the time they mature, at about seven years.

Up (Spell) - the command which summons a broom up into the wizard's outstretched hand. This is one of the first spells a student learns since everyone in first year is required to learn to fly from Madame Hooch.

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