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Elf - Expelliarmus

Elf -- Engorgio -- Ennervate -- Episkey -- Erkling/Erl King/Elf King -- Eromancy --
Erumpent -- Evanesco -- Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm) -- Expelliarmus

Elf - mischievous creatures who appear in the folklore of many nations. Generally, they resemble slender humans, though they do change shape and can vanish in the blink of an eye. They can range in size from one which is small enough to nap beneath toadstools, to those large enough to pass as human beings. Depending on the country of origin, they can be beautiful or hideous, or somewhere inbetween.

Engorgio (Spell) - induces something to swell in size.

Ennervate (Spell) - a reversal of Stupefy (a stun spell), used to revive one who is unconscious.

Episkey (Spell) - heals or repairs damage that has been inflicted on someone or something.

Erkling/Erl King/Elf King - see Elf above - an evil, elf-like creature of Germany, living in the Black Forest. It is about three feet tall and has a pointed face. It likes to catch children, attracting them with its high-pitched cackle, and eats them.

Eromancy - One of the half-dozen types of Divination practised among Persians making use of air. They covered their heads with a napkin and leaned over a vase filled with water. Then they muttered the objects of their desires. If the water showed bubbles or any surface disturbance, the soothsaying was regarded as being fortunate.

Erumpent - a powerful African beast, colored gray and often mistaken for a rhino. Its thick hide repels most charms and curses. Not particularly aggressive, it only attacks when provoked, but beware its highly dangerous charge. The horn of the erumpent can pierce almost everything, and injects a deadly, explosive liquid. Their numbers aren't prolific because males often cause each other to explode during mating season, and females give birth to only one calf at a time.

Their ropelike tails, sharp horns and explosive fluid are all used in potions.

Evanesco (Spell) - a spell which makes something vanish.

Expecto Patronum (Spell) - see Patronus Charm

Expelliarmus (Spell) - to disarm another.

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