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Padomancy - Pumpkin

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Padomancy - a system of Divination widely used in ancient China, reading the soles of the feet rather than the palms of the hands.

Palmistry - Divination by reading the palms of the hands, also called Chiromancy (from the Greek cheiro, meaning "hand" and mancy, meaning "prophecy"). This form of divination probably originated in India at least 5000 years ago. Not only is it fortune-telling, but character analysis as well, based on the lines of the palms, and also the size, shape and texture of the hands. Most palm readers study both hands: the left reveals inherited characteristics; the right, choices laying ahead, along with possible victories and defeats in the future.

Parseltongue is the language of snakes

Patronus Charm/Expecto Patronum (Spell) - used to protect one from a Dementor, or in rare circumstances, a Lethifold, this charm conjures up a "patronus", a figure (which has some personal meaning to the creator) produced from silvery magic. In Latin, "Expecto" is "to await" or "look for" and "Patronum" means patron saint. The translation is "Waiting for (or looking for or seeking) the patron saint."

Pensieve - a shallow stone basin decorated with carved runes and symbols around its edge, used to contain individual thoughts/memories. The thoughts shine with a silvery light when deposited in the pensieve and seem to be in constant motion. Each memory can be extracted with a wand held up to the skull and looks somewhat like a silvery string before being placed in the basin for safekeeping and possible analysis. One can see the events again or another can view your most private history via the pensieve.

Permanent Sticking Charm (Spell) - a spell which permanently adheres one object to another.

Peruvian Vipertooth (Dragons) - at fifteen feet in length, the smallest of the dragons, and also the faster flyer. A Vipertooth has smooth, coppery scales with black ridge markings. It sports short horns and especially venomous fangs. It dines on goats, cows and likes humans in particular.

Petrification - being turned to stone.

Petrificus (Spell) - the petrifying spell that binds arms and legs together.

Philosopher's Stone - see Sorcerer's Stone

Phoenix - a bird, legendary and magical, which has attractive red and gold plumage. Many stories tell that only one phoenix lived at a time, and it had a lifespan of 500 years. At the end of its life, the phoenix bursts into flame, which consumes it until nothing but ashes remain. Then, a new phoenix is born from the ashes of the old.

Interestingly, the feathers contained in both Harry Potter's and Voldemort's wands came from the same bird, a phoenix named Fawkes that happens to be Headmaster Dumbledore's pet.
See Augury (Irish Phoenix)

Phrenology - the shape of the skull, with all its boney bumps and depressions, is used in this type of Divination.

Phyllorhodomancy - a type of Divination, dating back to ancient Greece, using rose leaves. The leaf would be clapped against a hand and the omen read from the resulting sound. A positive outcome was predicted by a good and clear sound while a muffled sound indicated a bad result.

Pixie - see Fairy
These mischievous fairies, bright electric blue in color and around eight inches in height, hail from Cornwall, England and are very rude creatures.

Plants - An alphabetical list with definitions/information.

Plimpy - a mottled and sphere-shaped fish with two long legs ending in webbed feet. It lives at the bottom of deep lakes, where it patrols in search of food, particularly snails. Merpeople see it as a pest, and will tie its legs into a knot, which causes the plimpy to drift away. It can't steer until it unties itself, which often takes hours.

Pogrebin - a Russian demon standing almost a foot tall. It has an oversized gray head which is smooth while its body is hairy. It looks like a shiny, round rock when it crouches down. This demon often stalks humans, staying in their shadow and quickly crouching down if the human turns around. Should one follow along for hours, its prey falls victim to an overwhelming sense of futility, and could well stop walking under the burden of lethargic despair. When the human collapses, weeping, to his knees, the pogrebin leaps upon him and tries to devour him. Nonetheless, simple hexes or Stupefying Charms can easily repulse this demon. I have been told that kicking also works.

Poltergeist - defined as "racketing spirit" in German.

Peeves is the resident poltergeist of Hogwarts. He differs from the muggles' perception of poltergeists, which are believed to be invisible, because he can definitely be seen (though one rarely relishes actually seeing him!). In all other respects, from making rapping noises to creating whatever form of disorder he can think of, he fits the idea of this naughty, naughty ghost perfectly.

Porlock - a horse guardian from Dorset, England and southern Ireland. Adults are only two feet tall. Like the horses they protect, they feed on grass. They walk on a pair of cloven feet, have small arms ending in four stubby fingers, and are covered in shaggy fur. Also like a horse, they have a large nose. A lot of rough hair grows on this creature's head. Shy porlocks don't trust humans and always hide from them.

Portkey - an object (usually something innocuous-looking) bewitched to transport wizards from one place to another. It has to be touched in order to carry out the spell.

Portus (Spell) - the spell that turns an object into a Portkey.

Potion - from the Latin word potio, meaning "drink".

A medicinal, magical or poisonous beverage, brewed from many different ingredients, sometimes revolting ingredients. The magical potion has been used to induce sleep, restore youth, make someone love you, cause forgetfulness, create strife and jealousy, and transfigure men into animals.

To quote Professor Snape, a master potions maker: "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind, and ensnare the senses. I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper on death."

Priori Incantato (Spell) - to redo a ghost image of the last spell cast by a wand.

Protean Charm (Spell) - a spell named for Proteus, a prophetic god (from Greek myths) who served Poseidon and could change his shape as he wished. The object or objects this spell is cast over change shape, mimicking a chosen item a wizard causes to alter its form.

Protego (Spell) - a Shield Charm that deflects curses and spells. Protego comes from Latin and it means "to defend or protect".

Puffapod (Plant) - the pods of this plant are fat and pink in colour. Its seeds burst into flowers if they are dropped.

Puffskein - found worldwide, this is a docile creature that likes to be cuddled and truly doesn't mind being tossed around. It is shaped like a sphere. Soft fur the color of custard covers it. It hums in low tones when contented. Sometimes, it sticks its very long, thin and pink tongue out in a snaking search for food: anything from leftovers to insects and spiders, and occasionally it eats bogies from the noses of sleeping wizards.

Pumpkin (Plant) - Hagrid grows pumpkins in a patch near his hut. They are used to decorate the Great Hall for the Halloween feast and no doubt are also used for making pumpkin juice.

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