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Tadfoal - Troll

Tadfoal -- Talisman -- Tarantallegra -- Tarot -- Tasseomancy -- Tea-Leaf Reading: see Tasseomancy --
Tebo -- Tergeo -- Thestral -- Three-Headed Dog: see Cerberus -- Toad -- Transfiguration -- Troll

Tadfoal - the young of the hippocampus

Talisman - any sort of object, be it jewelry or a book or a piece of clothing, or even a piece of parchment, which can be made magical through special rituals harnessing the power of gods or forces of nature. The talisman, through supernatural transformation, such as making one strong, invisible, immune to disease or other disaster, protects the one wearing or owning it.

Tarantallegra (Spell) - making one's legs perform in quickstepping, uncontrollable jerks.

Tarot - a form of Divination using a deck of cards. In the fifteenth century, they were used to play a popular game called tarrochi, a distant relative of the game of bridge.

In the 1770's, Frenchman Antoine Court de Gebelin came up with an elaborate, mistaken theory that tarot cards had been created in ancient Egypt and were a source of secret wisdom. In 1785, a professional card reader named Jean-Baptiste Alliette published the first complete system for telling fortunes with tarot. He created an original deck of his own design and assigned specific meanings to the cards. Teaching his method to over 150 students, Alliette helped launch the tarot on its way to being one of the most popular forms of divination in the world.

Tasseomancy - reading tea leaves (Arabic tas, meaning "cup" and Greek mancy, meaning "prophecy"). This type of Divination began in China, probably during the sixth century. Tea was unknown in the West until 1609, when Dutch traders imported it from the Orient.

Tebo - Zaire and Congo are home to this ash-colored warthog, which has the power of invisibility. It is a very dangerous creature. Wizards prize tebo hide for protective shields and clothing.

Tergeo (Spell) - the spell that cleans up a person or an object

Thestral - intelligent, dark-winged, gaunt creatures resembling horses, which can only be seen by those who have witnessed the death of another person. The rare black thestrals pull the carriages which take students to Hogwarts at the beginning of every year. See Winged Horse.

Three-Headed Dog - see Cerberus

Toad - a tailless amphibian with long hind limbs for jumping. Like cats, toads have long been associated with witches, being kept as familiars - minor demons in the guise of animals, often sent out to perform mischief for their mistresses. Toads weren't necessarily pets, however. They frequently became ingredients in potions and the casting of spells.

Transfiguration - from the Latin trans, meaning "across", and figura, meaning "shape", is the transformation of people, animals or objects into alternate forms.

Troll - a creature (either a dwarf or a giant) from Scandinavian folklore that is supposed to live in caves or in the mountains. Wizards know that trolls are extremely stupid and they stink. They're around twelve feet tall, with gray skin and flat, horny feet. They don't really talk, but they point and grunt and growl.

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