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Quidditch - Quintaped

Quidditch -- Quietus -- Quintaped

Quidditch - often called "the sport of warlocks" or "the premier sport of wizards", quidditch has fans all over the world. The game is played on broomsticks, and there are two basic ways of scoring. One is to throw a ball called the quaffle through hoops located at each end of a large grassy pitch. The other is to catch the golden snitch, a small gold ball with silver wings, which results in the end of the game and 150 points for the team that catches the elusive snitch.

The word "Quidditch" came from Queerditch Marsh, where the game originated in the 1000's.

Quietus (Spell) - a reverse of the Sonorus Spell, or to return the speaker's volume to the normal range of a voice.

Quintaped - also called Hairy MacBoon, this five-legged creature is found on the Scottish Isle of Drear. It is a dangerous beast with a taste for human flesh. The creature's body is low-slung, and covered with the same reddish-brown hair that covers its legs, each of which ends in a club foot.

Muggles don't know about this beast.

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