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Fairy - see Pixie
The word, fairy, comes from the Latin fata, or fate, and refers to the Fates of mythology, three women who spin the threads of life and control each person's destiny from birth to death. By snipping the thread, they even control the time of death. The three fates, or tria fata, are also called the Parcae of Roman mythology.

Fairies look like humans with insect wings. Many would imagine they are small, but they have, in centuries past, been tiny and large, nice and not nice, funny and frightening, beautiful and ugly -- much more than the sweet stereotypes usually seen in modern children's tales. They abound in many countries throughout the world, including but not limited to Britain, Sweden, China and Iran.

Fanged Geranium (Plant) - fauna that bites so be careful around this plant.

Fawkes - see Phoenix

Felix Felicis - a potion which is "liquid luck". It is coloured like molten gold and banned from being used at sporting events, exams or elections. Drinking only a small amount has the effect of bringing luck accompanied by a feeling of elation.

Ferula (Spell) - conjuring a sling for a broken limb.

Fidelius (Spell) - to hide a person, to protect one from the enemy.

Finite Incantatem (Spell) - a stopping charm that ends all charms and hexes.

Fire Crab - native to Fiji, where a stretch of coast is its reservation, for this large, tortoise-like creature needs protection because it has a bejewelled shell. Muggles want the gems while wizards prize its shell as a cauldron. It is called fire crab because it shoots flames from its rear when attacked.

Fire Omens - a type of Divination interpreting what one sees in fire.

Flagrate (Spell) - wand magic that uses a fiery red line with which to draw out shapes, either in the air or upon an object.

Flame Freezing Charm - a Spell which changes the temperature of flames into comforting warmth, used by witches of the middle ages when they were being burned at the stake.

Flamel, Nicholas - who actually lived, as muggles are so fond of pointing out, he was born near Paris circa 1330 and is said to have died in 1410 (though wizards know this to be a historical myth). According to his own exposition, Flamel had a dream in 1357 where an angel showed him a book and told him: "Look at this book. At first you will understand nothing in it - neither you nor any other man. But the day will come when you will see in it that which no other man will be able to see." Soon after he found this volume in a bookseller's stall, and purchased it cheaply because, sure enough, no one could understand it. It was called "The Book of Abraham the Jew". After finding someone to help him translate it, after working very hard to get that translation, Flamel had a manual which told how to change base metals into gold (see Alchemy). But first, he needed a special ingredient called a philosopher's (or sorcerer's) stone. After decades of experimentation, Flamel was successful, as he wrote in his memoir:

"Finally I found that which I desired, which I also soon knew by the strong scent and odor thereof. Having this, I easily accomplished the mastery, for knowing the preparation of the first agents, and after following my book according to the letter I could not have missed it, though I would. Then the first time that I made projection was upon mercury whereof I turned half a pound, or thereabouts, unto pure silver, better than that of the mine, as I myself assayed, and made others assay manv times. This was upon a Monday, the 17th of January, about noon, in my house, Perrenelle* only being present, in the year of the restoring of mankind, 1382.

"And afterwards, following always my book, from word to word, I made projection of the red stotie upon the like quantity of mercury, in the presence likewise of Perrenelle only, in the same house the five and twentieth day of April following, the same year, about five o'clock in the evening, which I transmuted truely into almost as much pure gold, better assuredly than common gold, more soft and pliable. I may speak it with truth, I have made it three times, with the help of Perrenelle, who understood it as well as I because she helped me with my operations, and without doubt, if she would have enterprised to have done it alone, she had attained the end and perfection thereof. I had indeed enough when I had once done it, but I found exceeding great pleasure and delight in seeing and contemplating the admirable works of nature with the vessels."

* (Perenelle was his wife).

A much longer version of this exposition is here for those who, like Hermione, think 'Hogwarts: A History' is light reading.

Flitterbloom (Plant) - a non-violent plant which looks like Devil's Snare. The only possible danger from this plant is if someone thinks Devil's Snare is a Flitterbloom.

Flobberworm - a resident of damp ditches, the flobberworm is thick, brown and can grow up to ten inches long. It is virtually unmoving. Both of its ends look identical and produce a mucus used to thicken potions.

Fluffy - a giant, three-headed dog. See Cerberus

Flutterby Bush (Plant) - a bush that quivers and shakes.

Fluxweed (Plant) - one of the ingredients in Polyjuice potion. To be effective, fluxweed must be picked during the full moon.

Forbidden Forest - the name is self-explanatory, defining the forest near Hogwarts, where students are forbidden to go because it is dangerous, filled with all kinds of monsters.

Four Point Spell (Spell) - to turn a wand into a compass.

Furnunculus (Spell) - the hex that causes horrible boils on its victim.

Fwooper - an African bird that displays vivid plummage -- yellow, orange, pink or lime green. They provide fancy quills. Their eggs have brightly patterned shells. The fwooper's song seems enjoyable but will eventually drive one mad. Therefore, this bird must be bought with a silencing charm that needs renewing every month.

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