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Here there be vampires and mortals and. . .

Vampire Renaissance
In a Welcoming Vein

I see you made it to our castle at Vampire Renaissance. The nature of a castle is a place to wander around in, to get a little bit lost, to wander some more. foggy courtyard of paths Since Castle Eclipse possesses its own secrets and magic, you can return to this place inside the portcullis anytime, if you desire to leave one "path" and follow another.

"Welcome to my house. Come freely.
Go safely; and leave something of the
happiness you bring!"
--Count Dracula

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The path of "fiction", where imagination frolics in eternal night, basking beneath the stars and moon. . . This, the oldest part of the castle, belongs to:
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Mortal Path
Immortal Path
"Eclipse of the Cross" + Poem by Louis

button by Eos Vampire Valentine: The Heart of Your Hosts
Lord Trufort
By the Light of Her Love
The Countess
Louis Dumond

button by Eos Soul Blood: Poem, Prose and Pictures
"Alone" by Poe
Vampire Poems: The Countess
Love: The Countess
Night: Louis Dumond
Death: Lord Trufort
Don't Look Back: Trufort

"Facts", so-called, concerning anything and everything of interest to your host regarding vampires and more, regarding the life and unlife of:
button by Eos Vampires Then and Now

button by Eos Vampires: Fang and Horror
Early Types of Vampires
European Vampires
Eastern Vampires
Forever Knight: Vivid Vamps
Jonathan Frid: Fated Elan
Peter Cushing: Debonnaire Gent
Films of Peter Cushing
Vincent Price: Daemon Urbane
Bela Lugosi: Horror Maestro
Films of Bela Lugosi
Christopher Lee: Dark Charisma
Films of Christopher Lee
Frank Langella: Romantic Raconteur
Gary Oldman: A Mummer's Voice
button by Eos The Library
Bram Stoker
"Dracula's Guest"
"Dracula" by Bram Stoker
Quotes from "Dracula"
"The Sussex Vampire"
Elizabeth Bathory: Blood Countess
Vlad Tepes: Dracul

Renaissance is defined as a revival of learning and culture.
Any culture has its valuables, which will be discovered in:

button by Eos Our Galleries

button by Eos For Whimsy: Mascots Labyrinth
Dragon Lair
Vampire Oubliette
Bat Belfry
Angel Shadows
Gargoyle Perch
button by Eos Treasury and Collections
Web Rings
The Writing Desk

Dungeon of Disclaim
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Mists of Night and Time

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