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Forever Knight
Forever Knight: Vivid Vamps

Fans of Forever Knight know these following words opening each episode of a special show:

He was brought across in 1228,
preyed on humans for their blood.
Now he wants to be mortal again,
to repay society for his sins,
To emerge from his world of darkness,
his endless



Lucien Lacroix
Natalie Lambert
Don Schanke

original Knight cast chandelier


Janette Ducharme
Nick Knight

This Canadian show concerned a vampire atoning for his self-perceived sins, working the night shift as police officer Nick Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies) in Toronto.

The lead character was as interesting as his co-stars:

Lucien Lacroix (aka "Uncle") as played by Nigel Bennett, was a Roman general when he became a vampire. He hosted a night-time radio show in Toronto ("Howard Stern -- who? Oh, you mean my preshow snack?") and basically made Nick's life miserable.

Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), a forensic pathologist, was the only mortal who knew Nick was a vampire throughout the show, until the very tragic end, when the series was canceled (apparently for the unimaginative reason of no money just when it was more imaginative than ever).

Janette Ducharme (Deborah Duchene) was a lady and a vampire, the one who "sired" Nick. Her beauty is incomparable.

And finally, Nick's original cop partner was Don Schanke, aka "Doughnut" (John Kapelos).

The Opinion of Your Webmistress:

chandelier I first saw this show in the summer of '93, I believe it was. One of our stations played it late, and even so, it was edited to spare us some of the "racier" moments. Nonetheless, FK was an instant hit with me, in spite of the fact that the early airings looked like they had been filtered through swamp water, those tapes were so fuzzy.

But the spirit of the show could not be diminished and it is one of my favorites forever!

Lacroix The Opinion of Lucien Lacroix

"What a wonderful thing humanity is, passionate, intelligent, inquisitive, generous, full of hope and joy, noble of spirit. And above all, delicious."

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Forever Knight: Vivid Vamps
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