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Doll Room by Ellsworth R. Hall

Vampire Renaissance

They wait by the light of the moon eclipsed by fog Then you lose yourself at Castle Eclipse. The gate opens on hinges oiled by time. This path just inside the walls seems to go one way. But you are wrong. You might go up the stairs, and even as you ascend, someone walks by in the opposite direction, descending to where you just stood in the gateway.

As you pass, someone might gaze down from a window, detouring you with a greeting, or scaring you off with their silent stare.

Don't ask. Are they vampires?

Don't tell. Better turn away from her, from him, or else. . .

There are any number of doors, paths, hidden passages. . . a labyrinth of choices inside. . .

. . .yet one main vein inviting you, seducing you into the night. . .

Vampire Renaissance Map
They awaken and the light of candles beckons you in

Come out of the garden, baby. You'll catch your death in the fog. --"Diamond Dogs" by David Bowie

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