Jonathan Frid: Fated Elan
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Jonathan Frid
Jonathan Frid: Fated Elan

Elan and dash and panache are all good words to describe Barnabas Collins


Canadian-born Jonathan Frid was trained as a Shakespearean actor. He became best known for his role as a 175 year-old vampire named Barnabas Collins, however. The character, which brought him such fame as to make him a favored guest at conventions years after he stopped playing Barnabas, originated in an ABC tv series called "Dark Shadows" (1966-1971). The show premiered in June of 1966, a daytime Gothic soap opera initially suffering the anemia of poor ratings.

Not only an actor who had played Shakespeare, but also a graduate from Yale Drama School with a master of fine arts degree in directing, he was more than equal to the portrayal of the tormented vampire. After he joined the cast in 1967, his popularity pumped renewing blood through the veins of a floundering show. Barnabas became the heart of "Dark Shadows". He blended many emotions into his performances, including passion, ferocity, sorrow and revulsion at his fate, at himself. Jonathan Frid received many letters from female fans, who offered their own necks, and more, to him.

Barnabas Collins

Barnabas Collins

NBC attempted a revival of "Dark Shadows" in 1990-1991, with Ben Cross cast as Barnabas, but fans of the series believe that Frid is the definitive Barnabas Collins.
Barnabas Collins
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"Dark Shadows" itself is arguably the most successful and beloved television series featuring a vampire. It might have gone off the air in 1971, but fan clubs and societies continue to celebrate it to this day, surely making it as immortal as a vampire.

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Jonathan Frid: Fated Elan
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