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They wait by the light of the moon eclipsed by fog

Vampires of the Eclipse

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Come and see our shadowy corners, secret rooms and passages, moonlight glowing through the diamond panes of leaded windows, feel the warmth of the hearth in some chambers and the chill of things unknown in others.

Please, explore our paths of dark and light, mortal and immortal, as you wish. Be sure to take a candle. Parts of the castle don't have electricity, and never will.

You are cautioned to sign the guestbook. Otherwise, how do we know if you are lost and never heard from again?

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The path of "fiction", where imagination plays and basks in eternal night. . .
The oldest part of the castle belongs to:

Vampires of the Eclipse
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Mortal Path
Immortal Path
"Eclipse of the Cross" + Poem by Louis

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Lord Trufort
By the Light of Her Love
The Countess
Louis Dumond

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"Alone" by Poe
Vampire Poems: The Countess
Love: The Countess
Night: Louis Dumond
Death: Lord Trufort
Don't Look Back: Trufort

In a Welcoming Vein: Vampire Renaissance map
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Mists of Night and Time

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Vampires of the Eclipse