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The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.
--Mark Twain

Now known as Lord Trufort, this Roman-born child of the night has survived in the world for over two millenia. Of course Trufort is an adopted name, but some in the past accused his family of assuming Roman rights. Both his parents came from families originating in northern Italy, and one of his father's ancestors called himself "Romanus" -- a blatant example of trying to be something, and someone, he wasn't -- so adversaries claimed.

His mother, the fair-haired Sophia, called her equally blond son Perseus after the Greek hero she admired for taming Pegasus, and for destroying Medusa.

But this is myth, not history, or is it?


To quote Trufort:

"History is merely another's recollection and/or opinion about events, and rarely the 'truth'. Why do I say this? Because, somewhat like Louis from 'Interview with the Vampire', I have told others about my life and it's amazing the amount of disbelief my truths can stir up.

"Even other vampires have their personal prejudices. One, for example, insisted that the events preceding my death would not have occurred. But this youngster (he was only around two hundred at the time) wasn't stuck in that gods-and-goddesses forsaken outpost in Egypt. He wasn't the brother to a man who made Nero and Caligula look like little old ladies taking their tea. My brother was furious he had been dismissed from the mainstream of Roman power, and put into that place in Egypt. He ruled the small province like a god, or even God. I was unfortunate enough to become his victim; he had me put on the cross. I was to be crucified, and this is the point which my vampire acquaintance argued, stating that Roman citizens weren't crucified, that they would be allowed to commit honorable suicide.

"True, generally. But my brother did not practice due process of law as it was then practiced. Therefore, I was put on that cross. And, I was delivered from it by a goddess. Lelyda was not like the Ricean ancients (Queen Akasha, isn't it?); Lelyda was already ancient by Egyptian standards of two thousand years ago. She wasn't a 'normal' vampire, existing in a different time and place, almost like her palace of Althenia was heaven and above the world. She took me to this place, where I could look back into my old life through a reflecting/bathing pool, never through any windows like one can physically look down upon a scene. Lelyda, goddess and drinker of blood, rescued me from a brutal end and gave me what they call the 'Dark Gift'."


"Now let's move from the past to now. There is a new experience, a new and eternal love I have found. Her name is Rhea. Her history is unique. If you wish, read my clumsy words about this beautiful, accomplished lady of my heart."

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Lord Trufort

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