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Vampire Valentine
The Heart of Your Hosts

Countess in red room "Good evening, visitor. I am Countess Sigula, and you have discovered me in my Valentine parlor. The color of red rules here, all shades of red, but I do prefer the darker colors. Care for a glass of wine? Please, sit down, and let me tell you about my. . . hearts. My loves and friends."

Countess S She pours the wine with a practiced ease, and looks into your eyes over the rim of her glass as she sips. Blue eyes, finely etched crystal goblet in her black-gloved hand, ruby earrings dangling from her pearly-white petite lobes, and red lips. . .

"I see a valentine as a message from the heart. Don't you agree? We relate our different stories from the heart, casting aside the perceptions and prejudice of those who don't know. I hope those who do wish to know might find a time of refuge here. Like yourself. . . Look around this part of the castle freely."

She smiles. You have been invited to look into the hearts and souls of your hosts.

Lord Trufort
The Countess
Louis Dumond

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Vampire Valentine: The Heart of Your Hosts
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