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By the Light of Her Love
Written by Perseus, Lord Trufort

The Love of Souls/Soul Love by Jean Delville I am not a poet. I won't inflict you with my attempts at verse, having learned this lone truth during the past 2000 (and counting) years.

I love a powerful force, a lady more ancient than I, a lady who was a Phoenix of Fire and has become, through her greatest love, a vampire.

"Her greatest love? -- but aren't you her greatest love?" I hear them demand.

Yes and no. I took the name of Trufort during the middle ages, dark ages for this soul of night who had once lived -- and died -- under the Egyptian sun. All roads took this soldier of old out of Rome of old, delivering me to many futures.

Yes, many futures. People speak as if there is only one. So I'll turn back on my own opinion and say there is but one. . . but one beloved named Rhea!

She has heard my protestations that I can't make good poetry. Which is why I offer the following. Good or bad, it expresses my mood at that particular moment.

For Milady Rhea
Sometimes, my temperment turns on hers,
sometimes, my heart burns with hers.

Then I realize worlds revolve without me,
then I know all things resolve on one key.

The Lady sings "My Favorite Things"
while she owns the hearts of Kings.

Yes, poems are elusive creatures. I do like the concrete. Saying this, I bow down and express my unending love for Rhea, Phoenix of the fire and Lady commanding my heart.

These thoughts are the rainbow colors of my heart.

Please read her own precious comments at her personal place: |By Darkness Saved|. She is truly the artist of words, life and love.

Come, my love.  Hear the silver moonlight dance on blue petals while the violins playLady of the blue rose

Here I stand, in the sea of blue roses, silver moon glowing down.

The light caresses each soft curve of petal, vanishes in the shadows between, illumes the leaves, sparks off the thorns, and I wait, alone yet not alone.

The bower breeze brings the voices of ghosts. And voices from the house, where light shines from the windows like light from eyes, and soul.

This moment makes me think all waits even as all moves.

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Mists of Night and Time

"Canon in D" by Pachelbel
played by Lyssa and Louis

Graphics made or adapted by Dracowylde
The painting is "The Love of Souls" by Jean Delville

Thank you, Scarlet Phoenix, for graciously
allowing us to write about you!

Thank you, Lyssa, for making music!

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