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Mortal or Vampire?
Choose the Path

collage key in lock This place originated from the nether region of dreams and imagination transformed into poem and picture.

Since this image is about vampires, what we unearth here is also about vampires. While the undead result might not be as massive as the catacombs beneath Paris, we will surround and populate this candlelit abode with favorite markers and crypts and interpretations of vampire lore.

The disturbed earth here will awaken vampires.

The question is: do you want to wake them up?

Don't return the stare of hunger

Choose your portal

mortal doorknocker
Mortal Pathway

But the clock must learn to strike
more than hours of pure pain!

"A Season in Hell"
--Arthur Rimbaud

You hold the key and notice it is made of bone
immortal doorknocker
Immortal Pathway

Here is a place of imagination,
a journey not necessarily light,
come and kiss the darkness. . .

--The Vampires Inside

eclipse doorknocker
Eclipse of the Cross

Man is born to live, not to prepare for life

--Boris Pasternak

Words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind

--Rudyard Kipling

ruby ruby ruby

blood tear

|Vampires of the Eclipse|
Mortal or Vampire? Choose the Path
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|Immortal Path|
|"Eclipse of the Cross" + Poem by Louis|

|Vampire Valentine: The Heart of Your Hosts|

|Soul Blood: Poem, Prose and Pictures|

|In a Welcoming Vein: Vampire Renaissance map|
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Mists of Night and Time

"Haunted Waltz"

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1 May 2011
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Vampires of the Eclipse