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Wren, Faithful Wren

Wren "Sometimes I spell my name as Ren, for the Renaissance, which was the best time of my life. But then, the other spelling is a tribute to my marriage to a cousin of the brilliant architect, Christopher Wren."

blue and gold parlor

The dark-haired lady is Lord Trufort's daughter, and later she became a vampire "chylde" of his.

"Good evening" she greets quietly. She doesn't chatter but she'll make her statement when she's ready.

"I am called Wren and I am among the few who live in Castle Eclipse," she continues, seeing you won't leave. "Sometimes, I am in this parlor, sometimes not. Tonight, I say hello. Will you sit?" She gestures in an offhanded way, indicating one of the golden chairs.

dreamy Wren A faraway look comes into her eyes, without warning, and she is on her feet, looking through you more than looking at you. "I don't feel sociable just now, so why don't you visit someone else? Good evening."

She is gone, set in her own patterns, not caring what you think, or even if you think of her at all.

Perhaps, soon, she will feel like sharing her personal history with you. As if to say no, the candlelight dims but no one is there to extinguish the flame. The air is still. . . what is happening here?

Turn away now. Perhaps the other inhabitants of the castle will converse with you?


(heartbeat, pause, beating heart ticking of the clock)
The vampire feasts.

All my mind, my blood, my talents absorbed
and bled from me while I wait for a sign
any sign, that I am seen, I am blessed

for knowing, knowing you, knowing they like me
(they just gotta like me)

No sunrise kills them, no sunset,
when a disease grips you to please.



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