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The Prisoner+++
Imprisoned in frames? [Escape here and now!] Be a good citizen and allow the applet to load

Being that much of life is arbitrarily divided into day and night, good and not, black and white, so the following has been created for your dual-personality pleasure, Prisoner or not

"They wait in shadows and steal the light from your eyes.
To them vision's just some costly infection."
--Jim Carroll

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Hey! You cursors stop playing in the water!!
No mice allowed to swim here!

Your friendly tour guide suggests you follow this path. Go any way you please, if you must, but Rover will let you know where the boundaries are; we wouldn't want you getting lost or hurt, would we?

(Q: What's Rover? Really, I don't know!)

(A: Rover is the big balloon which keeps you safe, should you try to wander off. Rover will make sure you become unconscious, and totally relaxed. That way, we can bring you back without any harm done!)

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