The Prisoner: Map/What is The Prisoner?

thunderclouds Storm clouds gather in the future of the top level secret agent who anticipates sunshine instead. He is resigning today.

He drives towards his freedom and arrives at the "office".

open doors resign envelope He opens the doors and turns over the envelope announcing his resignation.

Thunder booms as if to sound out the anger on his face.

I resign. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered. My life is my own!

calmer face
On the way home, the storm seems to have cleared.

punch card resigned drawer He is gone to pursue his own private life now, and his card gets duly filed in the "Resigned" section.

Persons unknown, however, kidnap the agent who thought he was ready for anything. When he wakes up, he seems to be in his apartment. Very strange.

A cloud of gas knocked him out -- or did it?

He looks outside to discover a lovely sunny day, but he is no longer in London. He has been taken to the Village, a place of deceptive cheerfulness with one purpose beneath this bright exterior: To extract information.

village view behind bars Looking at the Village

He has become The Prisoner.thunderclouds

Where am I?
In the village
What do you want?
Whose side are you on?
That Would Be Telling. We want
information, information, information.

You Won't Get It!
By Hook Or By Crook, We Will!
Who are you?
The New Number Two
Who is Number One?
You Are Number Six.
I am not a number, I am a FREE MAN!
The Prisoner's top priority is escape. He also strives to keep information from his captors, to find out which side runs the Village and where it is. Another concern is the fight to discover Number One's identity.

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