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|Eternity Unmasked|

The Scarlet Phoenix lives in many glorious shades of talent. Go see her rainbow of creativity which shines as only a rainbow of night can! Mortals might have to look harder, but there really are colors in the dark!!


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Lilac's Haunted Garden


Harry Potter Grimoire




|Heartsong & Glamourie|

A cool, verdant place of the Fae and others, where emotions of heart and soul can bring out the fire.


|The Threshold|

A new space to visit, and the owner has an apprciation for Carmilla, along with other dark interests.


Jan's Courtyard

|Jan's Courtyard|

Speaking of colors, Jan and her creations were my original inspiration. Thank you again, Jan!


|The (Unofficial) Frank Langella Fan Site|


|Official Christopher Lee Fan Club|


Halloween-Horror List

|Halloween-Horror List|

Bring your scary jack o' lantern and join us!


|Banshee's Domain|

Expect many surprises here, but never expect silence, for the Banshee is wailing!


|Dark Side of the Net|

There are many fine sites on this "Dark Side"!


Gusto 13's Allience for the Mentally Ill
|Gusto 13's Allience for the Mentally Ill|

Here is a good place for all of us "dark" beings to visit!

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