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Vampires by Countess Sigula

When I miss the pulse
Certified death hospital death (no death to me)
in city of lights
that is
civilization -- free sterilization
no deprivations (if you learn the logo).
My interest compounds your interest
flutters away the moment you die.


+ + +

Vampire Killer by Countess Sigula

Vampire killer, kill me.
Don't see the beauty of caked blood on my mouth.
Don't recall who I once was, before blackness,
before salt thirst,
before red eyes and cloaked fury.
Kill me even as I don't breathe.
The wolf is in my breast, silently prowling.
The bat is in my soul, soundlessly screeching.
The time of death caresses you to me
as you want --
what do you want from me?

+ + +
red eyes in the dark
Assassins robed in time, dip their fingers in deep red wine

+ + +

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