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Eclipse of the Cross

Eclipse of the Cross: Louis and Evangeline

I have wed thee in life and death,
in the unbroken circle of passion.

Fire is ice, ice is fire,
blood is the ocean in our veins.
Fire in your deep blue eyes
melting the winter of my days and nights.

The eclipse eats the sun in the sky,
and for a few seconds, it shows us a ring.
Wedding ring, life ring, ring of extinction,
the sanguine ring encircles the world.

I will hold you in my silk-lined demon wings,
my cloak that hides the eclipse of the cross.
Red and black, blood and noir,
blood and night, my kiss is love.

A kiss will devour that
which wants to drain you,
taking away the timeless pain,
trading sin/suffering for self/love.

You must kiss yourself in your mind.
Most won't give you glorious worship,
an appreciation of the subtle soul
that outlines your fine spirit in the

Is the rose anything but red?
Perhaps, but all colors of the rose
start with the red blood
when the thorn pricks a thumb, a throat,


Obey the soul, sieve the sins,
sift the sun, make life yours.

by Louis Dumond

blood tear

What colours do they see that we can't see?
What sound flows through them --.
       Is there such a sound as blood
       pumping eternally a love-knot,
       the beat keeping me alive
       as others we ignore die.

by Countess Sigula


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But the clock must learn to strike
more than hours of pure pain!

"A Season in Hell"
--Arthur Rimbaud

You hold the key and notice it is made of bone
immortal doorknocker
Immortal Pathway

Here is a place of imagination,
a journey not necessarily light,
come and kiss the darkness. . .

--The Vampires Inside

ruby ruby ruby ruby ruby

blood tear

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